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Thread: a comment for 1730dev firmware

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    a comment for 1730dev firmware

    Just a comment for 1730dev posted by hammer in firmwares section.
    This firm developped by ptileray for ts7 dont work for tps and for nagra coz the function send_ecm nagra 2 is incomplete,you need to implement this function with defiant:
    Po_func_call_28A(dum p.CAID_HDL, dump.SOID_HDL, dump.Addr);

    every time before flashing to keep nagra 2 (kudelski)working

    ps:don't work for premiere MECM too

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    Angry Re: a comment for 1730dev firmware

    what said hammer for fake firm

    Quote Originally Posted by hammer28 View Post
    firmear bloc decodeur pleas banned ateur the flash fack soft

    so your upload is a fake mister hammer can we ask for ur ban??

    ps: never saif that i upload a fake again i'm working with HDL team for years !!!!!

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