Hello with all, As much of members and me even had this demo we thus decided to make a petition in certain forums in order to make move the things for our Golden delicious Interstar 8006 we do not have more TP$ since March 2007!!!! The email that we want that you send is this one:

Hello, We are numerous to have your old demodulator Golden Interstar 8006 and we do not have any update since 14-02-2005 can you please remake us updates for this demodulator thank you for your assistance!!!! @ +

Address email of the Korean company which manufactured and exported the Goldens delicious Interstar 8006 webmaster@nescologic.com

That would be vraimment sympathetic if all the members help us and that takes that 5 the second mercy in advance with those which will thank you also help us to answer my Topic when you sent an email thank you still!!! @@@+++ Soufiane