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Thread: zgemma h2s nline setup

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    zgemma h2s nline setup

    Hi, how do I set up nline on zgemma h2s, mgcamd, I have no problem with Cline thank you

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    Re: zgemma h2s nline setup

    you need to first install your softcam. Menu, plugins, green to download plugins, go to softcam/emu's (whichever is there) download mgcamd 1.38 (thats the latest), once installed, reboot box.

    Now download the attached file and unzip the 2 files to your desktop on pc. input your line details in the newcamd.list file (using notepad) and save the file. now ftp both the files to usr/keys folder on your box, reboot box, when rebooted press blue, go to softcams, select mgcamd 1.38, press green to start, should now be working

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