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Thread: Cool tv guide 7.3

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    Question Cool tv guide 7.3

    Hi is their a new version of coolman Tv Guide last version was 7.3 it stoped working software has a time bomb stoped working 1st February

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    Re: Cool tv guide 7.3

    It appears it's no longer supported, i switched to a build with the blue hd skin, there is a fix out there to get cooltv guide working again with a modded ipk, but all you need do is modify one of the files to get rid of the upgrade message.

    if your guide has stopped working and only have .pyo file in the cooltvguide folder located usr \ lib \ enigma2 \ python \ Plugins \ Extensions \ CoolTVGuide
    Copy the .pyo file to pc via FTP

    Open with notepad++

    search for 2017 and change 2017 to 2099 (should be line 42 and the text string is 81201727584562t )
    FTP back to box and overwrite
    Restart e2

    Guide will now start to work again.

    Thanks to a post on another forum not sure where.

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