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Thread: Using Oscam ban's my c-line

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    Using Oscam ban's my c-line

    Hi I'm new here, sorry if this is the wrong section but I don't really know what to do.
    i'm using oscam to descramble my channels in tvheadend on my raspberry pi and it works very well.
    Actually, it worked before, not now.
    My cccam seller banned my c-line because since oscam transfer data to tvheadend they see on their panel that I'm resharing it.

    is there a solution to this?

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    Re: Using Oscam ban's my c-line

    That is not correct.
    I also use oscam with tvheadend, and works normal , like line is in receiver.
    They probably disabled it, because their are scums.
    They cant fugire out where you are using it.
    And if you really do not reshare, or zap 100 chanells in 1 minute, there is no possibility to see that you are resharing, while your statistics are fine.

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    Re: Using Oscam ban's my c-line

    ***useless quote***
    So the solution is to change cccam provider?

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