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Thread: rescue on dl10 mode on ts5

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    Re: rescue on dl10 mode on ts5

    thank youuuu

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    rescue on dl10 mode on ts5

    Pio receivers serie TS5, which are blocked in Dl1o mode.Maybe someone find it useful,because no desoldering protected TSOP flashes is needed.
    If your pioneer 1530 is blocked in "dL10" mode, this thread is for you.
    Read them _before_ you are doing something - without some electronic experience you can easily damage your box completely !!!
    The box is blocked in this mode, if the K2002 input is broken by static electricity discharge (ESD).Then is necessary writing the new bootloader at the 0x7FF80000 area - because this new bootloader will ignore state of K2002 pin.But the 0x7FF80000 area of flash memory is WRITE PROTECTED - you cannot change the bootloader without unlocking of this area.The unlock can be done with relatively simple modification of hardware.

    Tools you need:
    1)Small solder iron, about ~15W.
    2)A piece of thin isolated wire - about 50 cm.
    3)Small resistor 10 kilo-ohm.
    4)A multimeter.
    5)Sharp eyes, stable hands, and a doze of oil in your mind

    Cut your wire to two parts ~10 and ~40 cm.
    As the first you have to ground your solder iron - this can be done by
    using a longer piece of wire - you connect a one end of this wire to your solder iron,and the second one to the steel case of pioneer.Are you ready ?

    You have to find a +12V contact of your power supply - at the right side of
    box you see an power supply board (warning - high voltage there !),and a
    two plugs connected together with unisolated metal wires - one on power board,second one on the main board.The +12V contact of the power supply will be six one - counted from the front of box - make sure, if you find the correct contact using multimeter - this can be done BEFORE whole oparation - just power on your box.
    Don't forget POWER OFF the box,and unplug the power cord before next steps !

    Now will be very delicate operation: you have to unsold the R3028 resistor.
    This is small piece placed nearly the flash memory chip marked as IC3002.Keep this resistor in safe place - he must be solded there later.

    In the place of R3028, to the LEFT contact (if you see this from the front of the box), you have to sold your additional 10 Kohm resistor - one side to the
    left contact of copper, second one to the +12V from the power supply,using shorter piece of your wire.

    Now you have to connect the LPT and COM cables to the PC.
    Switch POWER ON of your box, and using MODIFIED PioneroBT programm
    you can write your new bootloader - file 1530_no_dl10.
    When this is done,switch power off, remove the additional wires and resistor,and sold the original R3028 resistor. Attached just a *.exe of modified Pionero4 and bootloader 1530_no_dl10.bin

    ps: all copied from an lndlp post great thank's to him

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