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Thread: Need help with premiere sports portal!

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    Need help with premiere sports portal!

    Ok i've recently flashed my silvercrest sl65/12, and all is working ok. I've entered the latest keys for premiere, but cannot get any picture. Instead of saying 'scrambled', i just get a black screen now, which leads me to believe that the channels are i doing something wrong? My signal quality is only at 50% but surely i should still get a picture? I'm planning on upgrading my dish to get better quality, but want to make sure it works first ! Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Need help with premiere sports portal!

    Try to rescan the channel, it's possible that the video pid or something else has changed.

    Premiere Sport Portal
    Freqenzy: 11719.50
    Polarisation: Horizontal
    Symbol Rate: 27500
    FEC: 3/4
    NID: 133
    TID: 3
    SID: 17
    Video: 255
    Audio: 256/257/259
    PMT: 100
    PCR: 255
    TXT: 32

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