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    appreciated friends take several gods try to hunt the mediaprk ( in Andalusia, Spain ), a few say that there is that it places to 43º hispasat direction the antenna, other to 7º, and I have exhausted my resources.
    So kind Seriais of indicate me the degrees and the firm. that it have to take in, it have two decoses the kaon 570 and an Echostar 9000, thanks beforehand for your help ( SHARK III ).

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    I belive that Mediapark is on the same sat as Cabo hispasat 30 deg West. I do not know what you require to decode belive Nagra 2 used to get it on my Xsat 410 and Matrix cam but have not seen it for a while. I do not know if the codes are out at the moment.
    Used to be becouse it was a cable channel they did not change codes often but they were hard to obtain.

    Hope I have given correct info and it is of help


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    Re: Mediapark

    Mediapark is emitting in the Pass 3R, encrypted in Irdeto 2, still it he is not known like to decode it for any receiver, from January it he does not emit for the Hispasat

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