SPI International / Filmbos is launching three live TV channels with Youfone, an MVNO in the Netherlands.
Starting this week Youfone’s television customers get access to three channels from the SPI’s worldwide TV portfolio. The line-up includes DocuBox and FightBox.
YoufoneTV also presents Gametoon, a brand new interactive gaming channel for millennials. Gametoon features highlights of popular video games, entertainment content from gaming youtubers, video game tournaments (eSports) with million dollar prize pools and much more.
“SPI’s channels on the YoufoneTV platform are broadcast without any commercial breaks. All three channels offer premium content from the world’s top producers,” said Berk Uziyel, SPI’s executive director.
“We are happy to reach new audiences and grow our presence in this part of Europe.”
Commenting on the launch of SPI’s channels, Valentijn Rensing, CEO of Youfone, said: “With YoufoneTV we are eager to start with fresh content and new channels and thereby offering a different and unique television package in comparison to most operators in the Netherlands.”