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Thread: HELP Needed, Please!

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    Hi, yesterday I connected the dish cable (which is one of two branches out from one dual-output LNB) into my DVB Card (Pinnacle PCTV SAT)and the dish setup is a fixed satellite (Hotbird & Nilesat).
    I'm using ProgDVB (latest version), but it can only find Nilesat, and even when I scan Hotbird it gives me same channels in Nilesat.
    So, what shall i do? maybe I've to use a switch to change Diseqc a/b/c/d?
    Please help me, and thanks in advance.

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    Re: HELP Needed, Please!

    hi m8 you are not switching.
    check your reciever is set for diseqc (will then show options A,B,C or D.)
    find correct line for the one that works,say B.
    mve connection on splitter to say C,reset reciever selection for this sat to C.

    if it works switcher works on at least B and C.

    if not your switcher is not working or the reciever is not talking to it.


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