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Thread: Digital Polsat in Nagravison 3 !!!

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    Digital Polsat in Nagravison 3 !!!

    New info CYFROWY POLSAT Nagravision 3 TEST !!!

    Digital Polsat, being useful at present in system Nagravision 2, he began the tests of new system of coding. Speech here about Nagravision 3. Tests these appeared on channels Zone Club, AXN and Zone Europe, CAID 1803. new system be appointed
    The change of system of coding has to prevent before illegal receipt of channels Digital Polsatu, which is for operator considerable problem.

    As yet date of exchange of cards does not be well-known, no official information appeared on this subject. The Portuguese platform of TV the Cabo has already for me the exchange of cards.


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    Digital Polsat in Nagravison 3 !!!

    Digital Polsat in Nagravison 3 !!!

    The digital Polsat with regard on dynamic development of business and in aim of improvement of safety receipt programmes by one's subscribers, the new system of coding the television signal of firm introduces the NagraVision.

    All subscribers of platform will receive the new cards. After inclusion the new system of coding the receipt of offer the Digital Polsatu for mediation of present abonenckich cards will not be possible. System NagraVision is on world market the most modern solution. Be designed he in the support about protection of the new generation which protect before authorized access platform to program contents unusually effectively.

    The world leader is for platform the tradesman of new system of conditional access in production this type of protections, Swiss firm the NagraVision from Group Kudelski. Bought by Digital Polsat solution was designed for the largest Polish platform of offering hundred of television channels especially and several radio

    "We take care about safety our platform very and offer, and we want to assure the the possibly best quality of receipt our subscribers. The development of firm is in every area our aim – technical, program and service customer. Therefore introduced the most modern solutions systematically, which are in longer period the guarantee of success.” – Dominik tells the Libicki, President of Board, Digital Polsat the S. the A.

    "We realize in area of investigations the largest investments and development, so to to propose our customers the best products. From Digital Polsatem co-operate from near 8 years and it is honour, that after once next we became to co-operation wybrani. We for Digital Polsatu prepared the most modern cards, which will protect his the high quality the program offer as well as they will be the supporting the development of abonenckiej base factor as well as the growth of earnings.” – the, President of Group Kudelski Kudelski Andre said.

    Already on autumn this year the new subscribers of platform will receive working in new system cards. The exchange of abonenckich cards will begin at hitherto exist customers of firm simultaneously. New cards, all subscribers of platform, in the closest future, will get entirely free, and project will finish with disconnection old system of coding in 2008 r.

    Source: Digital Polsat 19.09.07


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    Re: Latest Polsat keys

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