Vodafone D blocks access to illegal streaming portal
February 12, 2018 16.50 Europe/London By Jörn Krieger
Vodafone Deutschland has started preventing the internet customers on its cable network from accessing illegal German streaming portal Kinox.to.
The reason for the move is a temporary injunction obtained by German production company Constantin Film, a Vodafone spokeswoman industry portal Golem.de.
“Due to a temporary injunction issued by the Munich District Court on behalf of Constantin Film on February 1, 2018, Vodafone is requested to block the offers of the Kinox portal for the internet customers of Vodafone Kabel Deutschland,” said the spokeswoman.
The court order concerns Constantin Film’s copyright claims that have been infringed by third parties, according to the spokeswoman. Since the case is still pending, Vodafone does not provide further details.
Vodafone internet customers trying to access the Kinox.to website land on a Vodafone blocking page.
The illegal streaming portal offers current movies and TV series free of charge.