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Thread: TVCabo Nagra 3 cards hacked. Confirmed.

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    Post TVCabo Nagra 3 cards hacked. Confirmed.

    Maybe not a full hack but can confirm Cabo nagra 3 (Rom142) moscs cards exit and I confirm that. OK.

    New mosc cards may not have a guarantee that they will work for more than 60 days due to a change in the way cabo now updates it's package. In fact there is no guarantee how long they will last as they have not completed the change over and there could be a revision update around the Conner for the new cards or some secret function that has not been activated yet. So not a full hack. Just a hack that at the moment gives you access to all cabo channels including Video on Demand.

    Rumour has it and its 99% sure. Well 99% sure not 100% that new EMU with AU for nagra 3 on cabo. But donít get your hopes to high as this maybe just for the current receivers that work with cabo cards.

    Non official receivers that so far work with nagravision 3 original or mosc cards with new firmware.

    Mirage models: sft-2000, sci-5110 and 8000 (Complex method but works).
    AZbox models: S710 - GA, S710 - GB, ST710 - GA and ST710 - GB.
    Mvision 9085 net and USB models. (Bought one over the weekend)

    Rumour or proof?????
    look at this image from dreambox:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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