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Thread: Aktivera viasat kort

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    Aktivera viasat kort

    har en viasat abo kort och vill dela med mina kompisar via gbox
    men jag har inte lyckades och få bild med ver 2.03 2.1b
    snälla kan ni hljälpa hur jag göra för att få bild i min dreambox

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    Re: Aktivera viasat kort

    du måste lägga in kort o box id i nds filen i gbox eller använd 2.25

    kolla här....
    Gbox and NDS: General info, boxid NDS file
    This was originally posted by Jimona on the old board. I've just ported it over and edited bits where needed. All credit goes to Jimona.

    Because of the many guessing of the NDS card in the Dreambox slot with Gbox 2.1x I did a test this evening.
    My full card ID = 340071621 ( example )
    My full box ID = 0205437287 ( example )
    If you take notice at the readme file in the Gbox Center plugin it says that you must enter the both full numbers, if you do that with the above ID's it will create a NDS file in /var/keys with the content :


    N: 0206E87A 0052F767

    This is wrong !! if you reset the box you will notice that not one of the movie channels are open to watch this is because Gbox Center is calculating the wrong box serial.
    If you go to this site ( earlier mention by Anakin ) “you could also take the Windows calculator but the site works faster then looking for that rule(5 calculator� then enter all the digits of the card ID except the last one, so in this case :
    Full card id = 340071621 forget the last digit so enter 34007162
    and convert that one to Hex, than you will get
    Now notice the 7 digits this must be 8 so please a zero before all in this case :
    Now take the box ID and forget the first digit, in this case :
    Full box ID = 0205437287 forget the first digit so enter 205437287
    and also convert that one to Hex to and you will get :
    Notice also the 7 digits so place again a zero first :

    Now you have the correct key and the following line can be placed in /var/keys/nds

    N: 0206E87A 0C3EB967

    And after a reset of the box you can find this in /tmp/sc01 ( or 02 )


    ===== NDS ECM on CaID 0x0961, pid 0x0502 ======
    CW0: 22 26 88 9C 91 35 02 20
    CW1: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

    Edited/added by Asure:

    EMM handling:

    My advice: In /var/keys/gbox_cfg you use A { 02 } as default, and switch to A { 01 } once a month so to ensure updates. EMM will slow down the card a lot, if you got many peers.


    Gbox has the option to overclock a card. This does not damage your card!
    It simply allows the reader to read the card at a higher speed.
    The only problem is, some of the UK cards cannot be read at the highest speed.

    in /var/keys/gbox_cfg:
    F: { 58 } 03 # clock NDS cards @ 5.25mhz
    F: { 58 } 02 # clock NDS cards @ 6.30mhz

    I suggest to try with 6.30 mhz first, and check if it's working ok. If it's unstable, you can switch to 5.25mhz if needed.

    Thx to another board for this

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    Re: Aktivera viasat kort

    Tack så mycket snutteb jag laddar ner 2.25

    ska testa hos en vän

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