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Thread: viaaccess helps.....

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    Wink viaaccess helps.....

    Hi any can helpe me with the channels. for the tps./tequla/multivision/polsat/or any with the sat Hotbird 13!!if yes you can mail me ...thank you :)

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    Re: viaaccess helps.....

    u didn't say what system u got need 2 know what cam and card have u got so I can help u.
    by the way your email is wrong.

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    Re: viaaccess helps.....

    I also need help to get TPS/Multivision or some French channels. I have a Manhattan 6900 with embedded Magic Cam and I put 6in1 files in my fun4 card with the Dynamite programmer. Unfortunately, that is where my knowledge stops. I tried to upgrade my embedded cam with the help of a MM loader from penta 1.09 to penta 1.11 (I read somewhere that penta 1.20 is for titanium card and I don't know what a titanium card is for anyway!!). My receiver says it needs a password for the cam. I only have a password for the receiver. I tried it and i even tried 0000 or 9999 but to no avail. All I can get with the 6in1 files is the A*sat bouquet, TF1 and M6. I cannot even get France2 or France3. I would be grateful for any person who could give me some hints or direct me to a tutorial. Thanks.

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    Question Re: viaaccess helps.....


    the same to what MUMUS said but my reciever is a metabox1 no card or cam please help who ever helps (he) or (she) is a life saver



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    Re: viaaccess helps.....


    i have a problem with the viacess1 mtv-package astra 19,2

    everytime i switch from a different channel which is also crypted like orf or netherland channels or in the package himself the sound is gone.

    no sound but the picture still works, i have to restart my receiver a hirschmann csr 60 ci to solve the problem with a xcam 1.094.

    could anyone help or is picture and sound crypted.

    mtv f for example has no sound it doesnt depends when.

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