Hi everybody.

I know that what I'm looking for is practically imposible, but perhaps someone here gives me a surprise and tell me how to make it.

There are a lot of irdeto 2 providers keys in this and other forums, so I belive there is some chance of read the keys from a subscriber working irdeto card, does someone knows how to do that??

I have a cloned irdeto 2 v 5.3 acs 0606 which works great but my stb, it's not married and anything, so I can use it on any of my stb.

I want to extract the keys from my card, to put on other stb that has the irdeto 2 algorithm programmed but hasn't got the keys for the provider I'm looking for (it's 0650 tdh uy 15W).

If someone can help me, thanks you very much!!!.