Hi all,
I think I need to be in touch which someone who is familiar with the SAB TiTAN 3 Combo.
I have one now but am struggling with it a bit.
I have the terrestrial tv ok
I have the satelite TV ok
I have an antenna and it is linked into the wifi, Fibre broadband , very fast.
Now what I need is to get sorted with the IPTV bit, I was trying to link it into something free ish like FLUXUS maybe but I just cant seem to get that running at all.
I was just looking for a few films and a bit of VOD stuff mainly for the kids or family to watch from time to time .
Well and i suppose to explore a bit the world of IPTV and see what there is to suit us.
so, to whom do I go to to find out what I doing wrong?
An Idiots guide to IPTV on SAB Titan 3 would be the thing for me , emphisis on Idiot there