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Thread: Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

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    Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

    I am not expecting miracles from this post but may be this effort will bring me some luck. I have a simple story to tell : I bought a DM7020 from e**y from a German guy but the box has a strong defect : the ethernet port is dead !
    I tried many manipulations so far including : static ip vs dhcp, direct DM to PC connection using a working crossover cable (even trying different cables there), HuperTerm method to force IP and speed, multiple DreamUp flashed images, I even tried different hub routers, etc., etc.... but same result : no way to wake up the ethernet port.
    My questions are :
    1. Is there another way of connecting a DM to the internet other than using the Ethernet port (I doubt) ?
    2. What method should I use to fix the problem other than buying a new DM7020 or changing the entire mother board ?
    3. Is there any specialised forum, website or even DM repair-shop (in France) that can handle this with reasonable budget (please pm me any useful link)
    Thanks to help get out of this "trap" !
    PS : I already have another DM7000 since 3 years using all networking methods and tools : routers, DCC, FWP, dyndns, samba, Emus, etc.... So I am a pretty advanced DM/LAN/WAN user but unfortunately not an electronic expert !

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    Re: Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

    I should add that I can see sometimes the Led lighting up in my router (actually depending on which slot I use) but that's it : no ping - no traffic - no browser access - no DCC access etc... just a DEAD PORT

    The only other indication I should add is that the device had a Power supply problem : I had to open the box and twist the power supply board slightly to have the Dreambox able to boot. Could it be that the Ethernet chipset (AX88796) is poorly powered ? All other functions of the box are working fine (USB, Tuner, OSD display, null modem access with DreamUp, TV scart, CI Slot, ...)

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    Re: Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

    First you should attempt to get the machine back to it's factory settings.

    If you use a serial port cable with a cross-over dongle, connected between the PC serial port and the Dreambox serial port.
    Using the windows program, DCC (Dreambox Control Centre).

    First connect the hardware as above,
    Second, remove power from the Dreambox, at the wall outlet.
    Start DCC using serial port (not network)
    Press and hold down the Dreambox power button while re-connecting the electricity supply

    The Dreambox onboard firmware is designed to look at the serial port FIRST, during a power up. If the DCC program detects the Dreambox power-up, a handshake will happen and the DCC program can be used to install a basic factory image.

    Once you are at this point, you can assess if the dreambox is fooked or if it was badly flashed/programmed before.

    If the network port is still inoperative, then you also are fooked.

    Get a refund and don't waste any more time or cash on it.

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    Re: Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

    Dear Woobley...

    I did similar manipulation already using DreamUp instead of DCC to access/reflash box with various images (including factory officials)...

    No luck... the port is DEAD . I am 99% convinced it is hardware... I have to way to send this back because i sais it was boufgt throug eb*y and the seller denies any responsability.

    So i have to fix the hardware ! have no idea how

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    Re: Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

    I had heard it was possible to connect the dreambox by wireless... there's a plugin software for it on some firmware, so i guess you just need the correct hardware.... usb wireless adapter ?

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    Re: Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

    Ok I have new development here... by putting more finger pressure in the middle of the power supply board, the DM assigned LED in the router lights up indicating a connection ... however "pinging" is not possible

    I tried to connect to DM from the router itself (test routine) and also from DCC on PC : No reply but...

    using DreamUp, the tool was able to establish a connection with the DM and even to "declare a positive ping !". But when I try to flash with an image it "aborts" ...being unable to handshake with the box

    It seems now to me 95% clear it is a Power Supply problem but how could a LED lightens up on a router without IP connection possible ?

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    Re: Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

    I tried to open the motherboard and resolder the Ethernet port pins. I also added/tested the 2 capacitors boosting trick... None of these is changing the situation.

    Now I decided to drop the ethernet port route and see if i can get Internet into the Dreambox through the USB port. Is there anyone who has a working configuration of wireless internet through USB on a DM7020 ? please indicate the used config : what kernal ? what image ? what wifi driver ? and what USB wifi stick ? (...although I found a list of 802.11b working USb wifi adaptors)

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    Re: Dead Ethernet port on DM7020

    exxtremely old thread i know !
    but having the same problems exactly ! lol

    has there been an image with usb dongle support yet ?

    thanks and apologies for digging an old thread !

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