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Thread: Moving to the United Kingdom - Need Visa

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    Arrow Moving to the United Kingdom - Need Visa

    I am moving my online gaming portal business to the United Kingdom (UK) where I will live. I just got my passport to move from the USA to the UK. Now, I need a Working Visa to work in the UK with my existing
    Home Based Business.

    My business is already profitable and should be more profitable in the UK. I made a $60,000 profit last year and am set to make a $70,000 profit this year. I am my company's only employee.

    Should I apply for a UK visa under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or as a Sole Representative?

    To qualify for a UK Working Visa, I see that I could be required to have at least 200,000 pounds available for me to use, held in my name. Do I qualify for this 200,000 pound condition to relocate my already profitable business to the UK? There is no way I can come up with 200,000 pounds right now. Could I make this reinvestment over two years or could do I even qualify for this 200,000 pound condition? It will be really difficult for me to reinvest 200,000 in one year.

    I am looking for someone who has already moved from the US to the United Kingdom to relocate their internet business. If you know of someone, could you send me thier contact info to ?

    I am looking for what below conditions I need to show proof of to get a UK Visa:
    1. Invest 200,000 in a new UK business.
    2. Create full time employment for at least 2 EEA nationals

    Scott C.

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    Re: Moving to the United Kingdom - Need Visa

    Why would anyone need to relocate an ONLINE business? Especially to somewhere like the UK where there are seriously tight laws governing online gameing?
    UK visas are seriously difficult to aquire and becoming more so. Documentary evidence is required for everything.
    $60.000 or even $70.000 by the time it is taxed won't give you much of a life in the UK.
    Either you havent thought this through at all or the mail is some sort of scam.
    My guess is that it is the latter and that any responses will end with requests for personal info etc.


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