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Thread: cccam and keys

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    cccam and keys

    I have a 4.10 gemini image and cccam 2.0.3, this is a dm500. With satankey'sbundle (and today's keys) I can't receive premiere, d+ and tps. How can be possible ?
    Can anyone help me?

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    Re: cccam and keys

    Did you load the cc cam config?
    than it must open prem
    Switch with blue buttom from "common interface" to CC Cam 203


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    Re: cccam and keys

    yes, i have downloaded the cccam config, but not direct on my dm because for a reason that i don't know my dm can't reach internet anymore.
    I really don't understand how dm runs, because this first time, i have flashed with gemini, configured internet (i have a router), and all was ok, but today, nothing with the 4.10.

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    Re: cccam and keys

    I have just solved the problem.
    My DM500 didn't go on internet because as Nameserver we MUST type the first DNS even if we have a router.
    Sorry for my very bad english

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    Re: cccam and keys

    You can open the tps in astra?

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    Re: cccam and keys

    No, in hotbird, and today it doesn't work. I can understand why !

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