Edgeware expands Televisa CDN, delivers tailored ads to Com Hem
| 09 November 2018

In a flurry of activity, both near and far to its Stockholm base, Edgeware has sealed deals with Mexico’s largest cable operator Televisa to enhance its TV offer and has won a deal with Sweden’s largest cable TV operator for its Ad Enabler origin software.

As it expands its existing TV CDN, Televisa, Mexico’s largest cable TV operator, will be using Edgeware technology to add more capacity and new time-shift features to its service. The new time-shift capabilities will be deployed for more than five hundred thousand subscribers across 100 channels, enabling its viewers to pause and rewind up to three hours of TV. The expansion will also enable many viewers of its Izzi TV service to migrate from an older platform and take advantage of the new features.

Televisa has deployed new Edgeware TV Servers to increase its capacity, while the new time-shift features will also take advantage of existing servers that are already deployed in the Televisa network, using their cache memory as a circular buffer to store programmes across many channels.

“Our viewers expect the best TV service available,” said Carlos Eduardo Romero, video and hubs director at Izzi. “Having the convenience and flexibility to pause and rewind live TV is another example of how online TV has moved beyond traditional TV and delivers our customers a more engaging viewing experience.”

With compatriots Com Hem, the online TV viewing experience provider’s technology will see use preparing the TV/video content for high quality internet delivery with support for personalised advertising experiences on 20 of Com Hem’s IP-delivered TV channels.

The Edgeware origin Ad Enabler uses segmentation to deliver a transition between frames of the programming and adverts. It detects ad markers in incoming live streams, which dictate where an ad break is to be inserted and for how long it should last. The segmentation provided by the Ad Enabler makes sure that the transitions between content and ads are precise and that ad breaks don’t override parts of the original content or cause glitches in the viewing experience.

Edgeware’s ad insertion solution is also one of the first to support live OTT ad insertion on the MPEG-DASH standard – the native format for Android devices, hugely important to Com Hem which has expanded activities in this area.

Com Hem’s new ad insertion system will be implemented by the end of 2018. “We’re deploying this new ad insertion system so that we can create more engaging viewing experiences for the audiences of our online TV services and provide our advertisers the opportunity to present ads personalised to individual viewers,” explained Com Hem head of TV development Magnus Lindhe. “But it’s imperative that these higher-value replacement ads are delivered glitch-free. We’ve selected Edgeware’s origin Ad Enabler because it allows us to deliver the highest-quality TV experience which is of high importance for both advertisers and viewers.”

“This project illustrates the importance of personalised ad insertion to the online TV market,” added Edgeware CEO Karl Thedéen. “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work in this area with one of the largest TV providers in the country, and this order from Com Hem demonstrates that we are in a leading position with our new second generation software solutions for ad insertion and origin products.”