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Thread: Nokia 9600 help

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    Nokia 9600 help

    i have a nokia 9600, i don't want to throw it away because im to attached to it. although i have few technomate receivers. anyway is there any way to modify it. if i buy a cam what channels can it open?

    thank you

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    Re: Nokia 9600 help

    I think I'm correct in saying that a cam will not work in the Nokia without putting in different firmware......which I think I have read in the past....has been done.

    Think its called dvb2000......this from my own experience is difficult to do unless you obtain the correct software to do it....and a item that connects internally , can't think of its name.......(think it may be a BDM interface).

    Apparently it is also possible to do through serial......with a JTAG ??

    I like you...have a 9600....which I dont want to dump....have try in past to put new firmware in via serial.....seems to have gone in but just keeps rebooting....and is not backward compatible via serial.

    In other words.....I THINK IVE "BRICKED IT"
    so be very careful.

    Look around and you will find this info from the guys who mess with my information may not be entirely correct.

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    Re: Nokia 9600 help

    thank you

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    Re: Nokia 9600 help

    i managed to change software to dvb2000 with a serial. however i don't like it and reinstalled the nokia 3.1un software back. someboby told me that with a magicam i can open some channels, as soon as i find a cam let you know.

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