The OpenVPN Connect 3.0.2 iOS client when set to adaptive does not switch from UDP to TCP like the OpenVPN Connect Mac client (2.5.0) does.

The client config for both the Mac and iOS client has two entries (priority to UDP) like this:

remote 443 udp
remote 8443 tcp

When the iOS client is set to UDP it works, when it is set to TCP it works. When I stop UDP on the OpenVPN server and set the iOS client to adaptive I see only UDP attempts looking at a packet capture in front of my server. Even with a 2 minute timeout, the iOS client never fails over from UDP to TCP while the Mac client does after about 10 seconds. When testing the client is in the same location where manually selecting TCP or UDP works and traffic is seen on the packet capture in front of the server, so nothing is blocked on the network.

Are there any tricks to make adaptive work here or is this a new/known issue?