TV4 adds dynamic advertising to Com Hem and Boxer
December 7, 2018 11.43 Europe/London By Julian Clover
TV4 is adding its dynamic advertising to Com Hem and Boxer.
The arrangement makes TV4 the only Swedish broadcaster to offer dynamic advertising with three of the six major TV distributors in Sweden.
The advertisement is based on geographic area, channel and screen size screen – for example if it’s a tablet, mobile or Apple TV.
” We want to be able to distribute our advertising on all platforms and this solution allows us to customize the advertisements on platforms other than our own, and it offers an increased reach as well,” says Bonnier Broadcasting´s COO Mathias Berg.
“We always want to offer our customers the best and most relevant content, and with dynamically customized advertising, we can offer them a tailor-made viewing experience. This will not only improve the quality of the ad experience but also add value to the advertisers. It has been exciting to develop this solution together with TV4 and we look forward to launching it with more content providers in the future,” added James Lowther, Head of broadband and TV at Com Hem & Boxer.
Advertising on the AVOD service is measured by MMS.
Previously the solution has been launched on Telia Play. It has been developed together with Discovery Networks Sweden and NENT Group.