Filmat36 makes splash with with FTV Urban Water Challenge
| 08 December 2018

Singapore-based production company Filmat36 has announced that it has signed an agreement with the Korean network FTV for the documentary series co-production Urban Water Challenge.

Crossing borders to explore water problems and solutions, Urban Water Challenge seeks to bring out the severity of water scarcity problems around the world, even in developed countries like Singapore and South Korea, and in doing so, motivate viewers to change their mindsets and life styles so as to conserve water. The series will showcase the hope that we have in various technological innovations around the world, all of which with great potential in drawing us closer to water sustainability.

The deal, signed at the Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) 2018, is the first co-production between the two teams and the series is slated to premiere in the third quarter of 2019, coupled with the launch of a mobile application. The programme will be presented in two parts, each lasting an hour, in HD and 4K/Ultra HD format. It will feature slow-motion footage and animation.

Filmat36 says that it is also taking an ‘ambitious leap’ from the traditional broadcast zone by extending beyond TV content to develop a mobile application which includes information, tips, rewards, and games.