You know what, for people in to football (aka soccer) I believe I have found (for most) the “achilles heel” for IPTV providers, but it is also so obvious that I am mega surprised why it should be such an issue to so many IPTV providers but from my recent experience it certainly is having tried numerous IPTV trials & asked many IPTV providers advertising on Twitter & FB.

So, here I am popping up on here to ask my question to this hopefully knowledgeable IPTV community.

And this is my question.

Does anybody know of any IPTV service that will enable me to watch the Saturday 3pm EPL games in full later on that same day, say, 6pm (UK time) for example?

Maybe NBC Sport Gold or Flow channels on catch-up or a full match replay category available shortly after a match has ended?

Thanks in advance for any help given.