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Thread: OPOS Viaccess Editor

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    OPOS Viaccess Editor

    OPOS Viaccess Editor
    (C)MASARE Team - Saoud007

    KEYS EDITOR FOR OPOS Viaccess 1-2

    Keys updater for OPOS Viaccess 1-2 card
    Possible to read/write keys from card & made changes
    Datas for each Ident:
    Ident Number
    Ident Infos -> label -> only 6 chars available -> appear in cam ci

    Material used:
    -Interface phoenix 3.58 MHZ
    -1 opos via1-2 card
    -Reader (=editor)

    How to start
    1/-Insert card viaccess
    2/-Press "Read keys from card"
    3/-Made datas change
    4/-Press "Write keys to card"

    Delete Ident
    1/-Read keys from card
    2/-Replace active ident by 000000-EMPTY IDENT
    3/-Write Keys to card
    To confirm if all ok press read keys from card -> ident erased
    Number of Active ident in card updated (total ident - 1)

    Default Directories
    - OPOSThemes -> Themes apparences for application
    - OPOSLanguages -> Store multi language support files
    Destination Directory will be open after file creation by the application
    Directory automatiquely created if not exist.
    - OPOSDatas -> Idents Table
    - OPOSSettings -> Serial loader settings (Com port, port auto detection)
    (use interface phoenix 3.58 MHZ to write datas in card)

    Language File include:
    English, French
    Use SIL Editor to create new language.

    20 Themes file include

    Somes card reader know problem when more than 8 idents in card to solve problem delete somes idents

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    Re: OPOS Viaccess Editor

    can this viaccess editor be used with an MII card that's been converted to an Opos card, using the oposloader file?

    Is there any way of converting an MII card to Opos with a USB Multiprogrammer 3,6, or does it require another type of programmer?

    Hope you can help!

    (running samsung 9500viaci)

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