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Thread: D+n3

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    Boas pessoal

    alguns canais d+ tambem ja estao em n3

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    Re: D+n3

    Pois é, daqui a nada, com o inverno fai ficar mais escuro e não se vai consguir ver nada.......

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    Unhappy Re: D+n3

    A escuridao ja comecou, quanto tempo isso vai durar???

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    Re: D+n3

    espero que não seja por muito tempo senão quando chegar ao fim do mês tenho mais luz a pagar por estar tanto tempo com ela acesa

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    Re: D+n3

    pois estamos lixados com a escuridão.

    j oliveira

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    Re: D+n3

    Ola pessoal..!!Ja existe algum soft para 16.00.a1?

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    Re: D+n3

    ja esta a ficar ........
    TCM moderno
    TCM classico

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    Re: D+n3

    Tv KàKà para breve...

    NOTICIA: Cabotv NAGRA3 destripado !!
    Este post es solo informativo, no deseo incurrir en ninguna ilegalidad, solo transmito lo que se ha podido saber esta misma tarde:
    Se ha podido leer ya por varios sitios, y según informaciones de grupos de investigaciones portugueses y que he podido saber, kaka ha sido destripado para dreambox, ya hay flores para ese deco, y en el ultimo firm para las pcmcias Diablo cam ponen que en breve el diabloteam sacara soluciones para las nuevas rom NAGRA3 de na*ravisi*n

    ** DiabloCam - Stealth 2.22 - for DiabloCam Wireless and Light **
    ** By Stealth Team - Independant Development Team **
    ** Polska Nizalezna grupa Deweloperska **
    ************************************************** ***************

    ***** What's New? *****
    *+ AU
    DigiTv AU
    Polsat AU
    Minor important bug fixed
    N3 - coming soon hacked - Stealth is the Best
    Sin duda una gran noticia viendo lo que se nos viene encima. No dudo de la veracídad del DiabloTEAM ya que el diabloteam lleva tiempo dando mucha caña con sus trabajos.
    * Espero mesmo que esteja para breve!

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    Re: D+n3

    quem dera que esta noticia seja verdadeira
    porque parece que vamos ter um natal colorido

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    Re: D+n3

    Aqui vos deixo o extracto --- ainda que em inglês -- de 23 de Setembro 2007

    Não me deu tempo para traduzir!

    "" TVCabo Nagra 3 cards hacked ??????
    Maybe not a full hack but can confirm Cabo nagra 3 (Rom142) moscs cards exit and I confirm that. OK.
    New mosc cards may not have a guarantee that they will work for more than 60 days due to a change in the way cabo now updates it's package. In fact there is no guarantee how long they will last as they have not completed the change over and there could be a revision update around the Conner for the new cards or some secret function that has not been activated yet. So not a full hack. Just a hack that at the moment gives you access to all cabo channels including Video on Demand.
    Rumour has it and its 99% sure. Well 99% sure not 100% that new EMU with AU for nagra 3 on cabo. But don’t get your hopes to high as this maybe just for the current receivers that work with cabo cards.
    Non official receivers that so far work with nagravision 3 original or mosc cards with new firmware.
    Mirage models: sft-2000, sci-5110 and 8000 (Complex method but works).
    AZbox models: S710 - GA, S710 - GB, ST710 - GA and ST710 - GB.
    Mvision 9085 net and USB models. (Bought one over the weekend)
    Rumour or proof?????
    look at this image from dreambox:
    y este de ayer
    Cabo nagra 3 cards work with Evocamd, MGcam and Camd3. It can work via CCCam already but I have not testes that. Reports are that it brakes up the image too much. All with the aid of newcs versions 1.16 to the latest 1.50. However version newcs 1.31 and 1.50 stop working after a few hours or less. Stable version is newcs 1.20. There are settings required on all the emus to make it work. First need of course the Boxkey and RSA of the card to pair it with the dreambox.
    All the emus that work need settings on ignore.list, priority or map.list. This is all to do with the fact that cabo still broacasting the nagra 2 ecm/emms and that is confusing the emus. There are no keys available as far as I'm aware.
    I have all the emus work with many official cards. Sharing the card is possible by the very nature of the emus but that is not something I can go into in this forum.
    Faultless cabo with fast channel changing is best at the moment with Camd3 but not the latest version. When I have some time I will post some solutions for the lucky few that have this card.
    One thing is making the card work on an emu and another is as emulation of the card. There is a very big difference between that.
    Don’t be fooled. Just because the emus can be adjusted to clear nagra 3 with a card it does not mean you can use a nagra 3 keys. For that you need a card emulated. Still faraway I believe.
    The existing emus should be easy to adjust to work with the new D+ rom180 cards.
    GBOx will die...
    CCCam is going that way if the NEwcs with its Chameleon and feynman protocols succeed. Makes CCCam erelavant. Already tested it but there are bugs on it at the moment. Newcs version will force a sea change in the EMUs. Evocamd 2.17a ready to work with new protocols. Others will follow.
    Basically changes are coming to keep up with the changes the providers are making with new cards.
    y eta lista de decos de hoy

    ""Lista actualizada

    Dreambox 500
    Dreambox 7000
    Dreambox 7020
    Dreambox 7025
    Relook Mutant 400
    Relook Mutant 200
    Strong (Alguns Modelos)
    FTE Max S100
    FTE Max S200
    Metabox I
    Metabox II
    Metabox III
    Metabox 10
    SATYCON (Alguns Modelos)
    iTgate TGS 100
    iTGate TGS 200
    Humax IRCI 5400
    Samsung 9500
    Technomate TM-9100 linux
    Ferguson (Alguns Modelos)
    ARION (Alguns Modelos)
    Openbox 7000
    TROMAN 150
    Triple Dragon
    Ouralis 2
    Ouralis 3
    Edision (Alguns Modelos)
    SkyStar 2
    Mvision 9080 net
    Mvision 8085
    Mvision 9095
    Illusions m3
    Galaxis Easy
    Attached Images Attached Images

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