Several weeks ago, we see or hear some of the leaks from here or there on the forums talking about some finish work to penetrate the system and the encryption is only a matter of time until the special keys circulation channels operating on the system, but we did not see any concrete evidence on this interesting.

Striking that conversations with many of those leaks, with many rumors and gossip from different sources

Some say that what is going on just a trick of those locations to attract the largest number of participants ..
Some say that what comes out of some forums, quoting the hackers is only a means to blackmail the companies responsible for those channels to enter into negotiations with them and to obtain the largest possible degree of funds ... This is largely prevalent among people in the Middle East by virtue of its proximity to one of the largest mangrove those channels ...

What is important is that we disagree is the frequent rumors and another important reason is the lack of information available about the real breakthrough that has been.

Please to the supervisors and all of this is the beginning of the topic, and believes that he has the sanction of the truth or the truth or even some of the threads that may lead us all to the truth .. Place your reply nor delayed), and thank you all