Hello guys,

I am living in Moscow, Russia.
I am a french guy, and I want to have access to french TV, of course !
The solution is to connect to TPS offer, it's what I did, with an official decoder for living room (yes, you can believe me !), and another one for bedroom, with correct software in it...
The fact is that TPS is accessible on HOTBIRD 13.2 East.
But TPS was bought by CANAL SATELLITE, and in order to decrease their costs, CANAL SATELLITE decided to migrate everything on ASTRA 19 East. Ok.
So, I only have to turn my dish to Astra. Not so easy !
In fact, when I do that, I receive signal from Astra, but only from few transponders. But not the one for CANAL SATELLITE .
Investigation being done, I need to change my 90cm dish for a 200cm dish. Whaooo .
I called TPS (don't forget I have an official registration), and they declared to me that, despite the letters they send to their clients, they will stay on HOTBIRD until December 2008. Very good news. It means that I can wait for somes change in the Satellite world for another year, waiting for new offers on HOTBIRD or some other satellite easy to see from here.

I hope it will help some on this excellent site !