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Thread: starsat SR X4000D super

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    starsat SR X4000D super

    Hi Everyone,

    Can somebody help me on my starsat SR X4000D super?
    I have mistakenly load the firmware for starsat SR X4000 and it is now showing only "ON" on the front panel. Please tel me what to do next?

    Any other way to make it work?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: starsat SR X4000D super

    for star sat 4000 you need jtag

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    Re: starsat SR X4000D super

    thanks mohmohmoh.

    can you send me english version of jtag for starsat SR X4000D?

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    Re: starsat SR X4000D super

    hi every one,

    some body help me w/ my starsat SR X4000D key code?

    thanks god bless!

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