Short translation:

After D+ has changed to "N≥" I have asked a insider about the truth with the hacks of the new ROM, as rumors keep going around.

1. Question: In Spanish boards is reported, that there is a new d+ hack out there, can you confirm that?

Answer: I really wonder what some users are thinking, how fast it could be possible to hack a new card? It is rubbish, d+ is down. There are some teams working on it, but it will take time. Ask again in about 6 months time, all the rest is bullshit by wannabes.

2. It is said, that SECA 3 is hacked and there will be a new Knotcard, that opens D+, is that true?

Answer: I have heard of this, and I can say, that it is quite possible, that something like this will be avaliable soon, but I don't support commercial hacks. A friend of mine confirmed, that a SECA3 hack has been done, but the launch of the new Knot will another 2- 3 weeks. I do have strong doubts about that, but it could be that they just wanted to wait for the N3 switch. Wait till it's out, but don't buy that crap!

3. TAQHack, have you studied the new NAGRA 3 cards and can you give us a short information about what the new ROM 180 card is capable of?

Answer: Well, the ROM180 cardseries by Kudelski is tough, it has 4x as much memory and after completing the first tests, one can say, that there is a complete new firewall in it and I would even recon that there are TWO! The bugcatcher is also much faster und reacts to some strings with crashes, which was not the case before. But the good news is, we can build on the new nagraedit and start there, But that will take some time.

4. Does a new hack on N3 make any sense at the moment?

Answer: Nagra always had bugs in their cards, and it won't change, because the system ist still based on IDEA Keys.

5. What about Cabo, any progresses there?

Answer: Cabo has another series of cards, there is no hack yet. But they are further then we are, I can confirm that!

Thanks for the answers.