Hi there

Any help or info on why my picture is jerky?

I have a fortec star paltinum with Irdeto Cam with Original MC south africa Card. This works fine except that sumtimes it does not update my card and i have to request a reset. Signal is aslo fine. But that is not my main problem.

The Real problem is that my new Passion HD receiver does not seem to scan all channels and I have to leave it in standby mode for it to auto update the channels from transponders on PAS 7/10. once this is done I any FTA channels plays perfectly no jerks. but any Irdeto MC South Africa channel through the same IRDETO cam and Card is jerky. I placed an inline LNB amplifier 20db about 2meters before my receiver, and still jerky picture.

Soaftware loader 1.4 and Firmware 1.07 is loaded.

Please help

Thanks Guys