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Thread: Help Please menu lock

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    Help Please menu lock

    Hi can anyone help, i have a manhatton plaza 3300 with kaon 12.01.a5 firmware which i have always upgraded with when new firm comes out. I have now flashed with the bm-8300ci 12.01.a5 off this forum and i can not get past the menu lock after the stb as rebooted, its a 4 digit pin code i have tried everything suggested on this forum but nothing works and i have read through tons of posts to try and fix it before posting this. As anyone got around this menu lock.

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    Re: Help Please menu lock

    Try exit-exit-exit and 1 or ch up- ch up-ch up + 1, this reset all, and put past 0000

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    Re: Help Please menu lock

    try red button then green then yellew then blue and change it

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