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Thread: Dreambox 7020 and Gemini

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    Question Dreambox 7020 and Gemini

    Why does the graphic in the info very often break up and even disappear when shifting encrypted channels? And why does when rapidly shifting channels , sometimes the list hungs up and even goes back to the first channel in the list? Is there some limits of how fast you can move in the list and switch channels? And why do it takes up to 3 or more sekonds before the picture shows up thought the audio appears at once when shifting between free channels without encrypyions. Is there the cam or image, skin or other things that make the dreambox so slow doing all this or isnt there enough memory to do things more rapidly?
    Now using the 4.0 gemini but all the enigmas Ive used act just the same. NO, there is plenty of signal. Uses a 1.8m and a 3.2 m dishes and they are exactly optimated. cables are 100% as they should be, and yes Ive loaded Gemini with Usb and Serial and it makes no differences.

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    3 seconds in fact is not that much.
    But if there is a way to make the 7020 faster, I take


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