hi all

i have a tms-1000ci and the lastest darkman patch 06/12 - downloaded a bunch of keys and concatenated them together. The channel i want is currently scrambled - example "Show turk-p, astra 3", then upload them and the channel now is visible no problem. then i add the cryptoworks keys to my set (nagra1/2, irdeto 1/2, seca 1/2
+ cw ) and i loose the show turk-p channel. so i am thinking oh its the keys, so i load old keys again and i cant get show turk-p back.

it wasn't working, then it worked with my keys, then it didn't work (because i uploaded some keys), and when i try to go back to the old keys it still doesn't work.

I notice this quite a bit when uploading keys or trying to go back to an old set.

is it something i am doing - or am i missing something - tried all the different ones - powering off the box, reloading the patch, clearing all the keys, uploading keys again, etc etc in different orders.

the settings for auto updates in menu->installation->options are all off btw.

what do you guys think?