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    hi guys can any one help me for my receiver Technosat TS-5500
    SW Version : 9.48
    HW Version : 6005 CX-2.0-SZLT-SID

    i,m looking new software can some one help me please thanks in Advanced

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    Re: help

    you can use one of this Receirvers firmware they are all the same.
    AlphaGoldDigital AD-7400Gold
    Astro ASR 635
    Astro ASR 615
    Astro ASR 630
    Astro ASR 830
    Condor 6000 FTA-Magic
    Condor 6000 CI
    Condor 6000 CIC
    DelSat DSR-6500 Gold
    DelSat DSR-7500 Plus
    Eurobox EB-9710 Gold
    Euro-6600 CX+2CI
    Eurobox EB-9800 Gold
    Ferguson DF-6000 CR
    GoldVision FTA-1600 Lux II
    GoldVision FTA-1600 Lux
    GoldVision FTA-1600
    GoldVision Magic Lux Plus
    GoldVision Magic Lux
    GoldVision Magic Lux Pos
    GoldVision Magic Lux PVR
    He@d HD-5000 PVR
    Hyundai HYD-DF-100
    Hyundai HYD-DC-300
    Hyundai HYD-DCP-300P
    Hyundai HYD-DCPVR-02
    Hyundai HYD-1000-CXCI
    Hyundai HYD-1000-CXM
    IDTE-2002 F
    Maximum S-500 FTA
    Maximum S-800 FTA
    Mediacom Elite
    Mediastar DC-8???
    Mondeal 9000 Super???
    Mondeal 9800 Magic/ MagicPlus???
    Mysat 9000
    Mysat 9000 CI
    Mysat 9000 CIPVR
    Mysat 9000 CX
    Mysat 9000 CXCI
    Mysat 9000 CXCIPVR
    Mysat 9000 P
    Mysat 9000 PCI
    Schneider SVB-950
    Schneider SVB-1250
    Skycom XDSR 100
    Skycom XDSR 200
    Strong SRT-3720
    Technosat T-5800
    Technosat T-5800 CI
    Technosat T-5500 SuperSmart
    Technosat PVR-6000 Plus
    Technosat T-6500
    Technosat T-6700P
    Technosat T-6000 plus
    Technosat T-6700 P
    Technosat T-1100 plus
    Zehnder DX 3201 CX

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