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Thread: Record in TS format

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    Record in TS format

    Hi all, it's possible to record in TS format, through DM500 in to pc's hard disk and LAN?

    Sorry for my english :(

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    Re: Record in TS format

    Quote Originally Posted by smith2007 View Post
    Hi all, it's possible to record in TS format, through DM500 in to pc's hard disk and LAN?

    Sorry for my english :(
    it's possible and this record have a high quality.
    first, you shoud mount your dreambox-500 to pc hard disk with cifs way.
    and than with change 'help' botton on remote conterol (that less use) to 'video' botton,
    you can start record in your dreambox500 in ts format simply

    1- CIFS mount:

    -Creating an account
    These instructions will be written with Windows XP Pro In mind. If you have Home, I suggest you move the end of each section and follow the DOS command line instructions.
    Creating a User:
    Click the Start button and right click on My Computer, then click on Manage. For Home edition, open the Control Panel.
    Once in the management console, open “Local Users and Groups”. For Home edition, click on Add Users
    Open the Users Folder. Right click on the Users folder and click on New Users. For Home, click on Add new user.

    Enter the new user name. Suggest you keep the name short as it will be easier when typing on the DB remote.
    Enter the password and confirm.
    Uncheck “User must change password at next logon”

    Check “Password never expires”. Press the Create button and you are done.

    If you do not wish to go through the entire GUI process, you can simply enter the following command at a Command Prompt
    Net User dream dream /add

    This command will create an account named “dream” with the password of “dream”.
    Sharing a Folder
    Windows XP Home Edition will not easily allow you to disable “Simple File Sharing Mode”. See the Command Line section at the end of this topic.
    If your XP machine is in a Workgroup as opposed to a Domain, you will first have to disable the Simple File Sharing Mode.
    To do this, go into the Control Panel and open the “Folder Options” icon. This icon is under “Appearance and Themes” if you are in Category view.
    Click the “View” tab and scroll down to the bottom. Uncheck the item:
    “Use simple file sharing (Recommended)”
    Press the Apply button to implement the setting and close the windows.
    In Windows Explorer, browse to the drive you want to share a folder on. Create your Folder, “Dreambox” for example. Create another folder within that folder called “movie” (all of this is without the quotes of course). Do not name the subfolder movies, it must be “movie”.
    Go back to the Dreambox folder and right click on it. Select “Sharing and Security”
    Check the “Share this folder” button. Notice the name of the folder appears in the “Share Name” text box. You can leave it at this or change it if you wish. Just remember what the folder is being shared as if you do change it.

    Press the Permissions button

    In the permissions window, click the Add button. Be sure the “From this location” field displays the name of your PC. If it doesn’t, just press the locations button and select your PC.

    Type in the name of the account you created, in the instructions above, we created the account; dream

    Press the OK button and you will now see the dream account in the top window above Everyone.

    Be sure to check off at lease Change and Read permissions. It wouldn’t hurt to check off Full as well.

    Press OK and OK again and you are done.
    The folder should now be shared out with the user dream having read/write permissions.

    Configuring the DB
    NOTE: When mounting a DB 500 with Pi mount to /mnt/nfs instead of /hdd below
    To mount the drive in Enigma, Follow these steps:
    Open the “Settings” menu
    Open the “Expert Menu”
    Open the “Communication” menu
    Press the Blue button to enter the “Mounts” menu.

    Enter the following information taking care to change the IP address to the IP of your receiving PC/Server
    Check off the Automount button if you want the drive to mount each time the DB boots.
    To make sure you have done everything right, on this screen, press the Green button to mount the volume.

    2-for create VIDEO botton in remote control dreambox 500:

    Open file "/share/tuxbox/enigma/resources/rcdm5xxx.xml"
    We are going to change Help button to be Video button.

    Original version
    <key name="video" code="27" picture="key.11" />
    <key name="help" code="52" picture="key.23" />

    Change it to be like this
    <key name="video" code="52" picture="key.11" />
    <key name="help" code="27" picture="key.23" />

    Save this file in here
    /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/resources/ (NOT WHERE IT WAS ORIGINALLY)

    Restart Dreambox

    Now every time you press help button with channel list open you can change the way you can view the channel list

    you can change the mute button to record (DVR)

    <action name="record" key="record" flags="m" />


    <action name="record" key="mute" flags="m" />

    in rcdm5xxx.xml and mute will now stop/ start record when in DVR mode.

    i hope these useful for you

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    Re: Record in TS format

    I know long time ago this method for my dm500/gemini but rec randomly freeze on fta channel or crypted.

    watching or rec tv don't freeze but when replaying recorded program on dream or on computer it freeze.

    What can i do plz?

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