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    need help

    Merry Christmas to all
    I need somebody help me out please. I am unable to watch TPS channels.
    I have Skystar 2 PCI card . I have Progdvb version 4.80 and the satellite I am using is Hotbird. I use vplug version 2.0.3 and new S2emu.

    Every day I update v_tps, softcam, v_keys,, tps.fns, and tps.bin. But still I am unable to watch TPS channels. When I check the vplug monitor every thing looks good and all the icons are green but nothing comes on the monitor.

    Could somebody help me out? Consider it a Christmases present. Thanks.

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    Re: need help

    hi m8 ,if you just update viacess key tps should work without aes updates,or at least i t did this afternoon.

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