PG Image 2.0

Technical Infos:
* Enigma: December 2007 (mod by drismet)
* Linux kernel version: 2.6.9
* GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
* Busybox 1.01

* BLUE - PGpanel
* 2x BLUE - Gbox Status
* YELLOW - plugins
* 2x RED - EPG style menu
* GREEN - subservices

* PGpanel:
* EMU start/stop functions
* NewCS start/stop functions
* Ecm info (yellow button in PGpanel)
* Gbox Status
* Inadyn Configuration
* Process Manager
* Addon download server configuration
* Ability to download addons via Internet, ability to change download servers
* Ability to install addons manualy
* Easy addon uninstallation
* Ability to download different skins via addon download
* Ability to download emu's via Internet (although you have to intall keys seperately.)

This image doesn't include keys or emulators. Perfect-digitalsat team is not responsible for any kind of illegal use of this image, nor any damage caused by this software.
This image is only for experimental use. After image installation be sure to install emu(and conf), newcs(and conf), keys.

New features in this version...
* Added support for all emu's with easy configurable panel
* Gb*x details info
* Used space in addons
* Redesign of Main PGpanel Window
* Bug fixes