AMT is providing support for new recievers only!

As you will notice amt is providing support for their new boxes NFusion & IPro 2000 & Tessat, that's to keep the sales figure up for the new boxes. I fell into the IKS hype last year & bought 2 of the IPro 1000,s, 3 months later support for those ended when they came out with the 2000,s. Amt owns Bluejay/Satcruiser-Nuesat-Tessat & probably a few of the others. My advise, don't buy any of their products simply because lack of support for their past products. Viewsat seems to be top of the line for support right now, though that may change due to the pending court decision by dicknet. Keep a watch on the new bins as they come out & you'll see which receivers are at the top on the line for support. Hell, pansat & fortec old boxes are leaving many of the newer boxes in the dirt.

Just my 2cents worth, Merry XMas to all!