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Thread: Skystar2 sharing via rs232

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    Question Skystar2 sharing via rs232

    I need a help, i have a receiver (Thechnosmart 791 with a smart card) and Skystar2 on the comp.
    How i can share the receiver with Skaystar2 via rs232 (or other way), so to watch the same scrambled channels as on the receiver . If anybody know please tel me. Thanks

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    Re: Skystar2 sharing via rs232

    I don't have one of these receivers but you cannot share over a rs232 i do not think. What you need is an ethernet connection. What you could do is loop the lnb out to the other receiver with satellite coaxial cable.

    I think rs232 is single duplex link, this means you cannot send data both ways at once (if i remember right). As for the card slot in your tehcnomate this will be handy if you get a good hardware cam in there to read certain cards. altrernatively invest in a DB and the card reader will read most cards, both offical and unofficial.

    To view scrambled channels on the box i have (dreambox) you connect it to a computer/router and transfer the files onto there or download via the box.

    If you have 2 boxes in seperate rooms then your better off buying a good box with a twin tuner e.g. dreambox 600pvr or higher and then use that.

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