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Thread: TPS on viacess only.(noAES)

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    TPS on viacess only.(noAES)

    multivision and many others now viacess only.

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    Re: TPS on viacess only.(noAES)

    we hope this is temporary

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    Re: TPS on viacess only.(noAES)

    hi m8, this is good news not bad,
    TPS is always in viacess ,it usually (lately) has aditional AES KEY.
    this meant having to reload key every 30 mins or so by one means or another.
    At the moment with AES OFF this i s not needed.

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    Re: TPS on viacess only.(noAES)


    Actually, Multivision and TPS French movie channels were working fine for me until this evening (see my post:

    They were working for about 2 weeks now uninterrupted.


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