I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I have a satellite dish with Hotbird and Nilesat heads
installed and Topfield TF4000Fi, and it has been working fine for 2 years. Tonight I come home and all my Nilesat channels are not working + the titles of each channel are erased/marked-over with long line, and though some of my hotbird channels are working, many also have titles marked over, but some are not working. The Nilesat channels just disappeared on me in the menu.

I tried to do a system search for Nilesat, but it seems it is not connecting? Is anyone else have similar problems?

I accidentally did a reset to factory setting, so I lost all my channels, so I researched for hotbird channels, and all my basic "pay channels" (though not really pay channels) are no longer accessible: i.e. CNN International, CNBC Europe. I am disappointed also that Israeli Channel 2 and Channel 10 have now been erased and did not come back in Hotbird search.

Also Multivision + TPS French movie stations were working fine for me this evening until I mistakenly reset. Does anyone have the codes so I can get all my favorite channels back? I also would like to receive replies if others are experiencing these difficulties this evening with nilesa
Does anyone know how to recover these channels?

Kindest regards,