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Thread: Kill that pass word.

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    Talking Kill that pass word.

    I went to work on another computer and it was pass word protected, So remembering what i done with the last one i tried it and it worked. When it asked for the pass word i clicked on ok then it asked again, after i kept doing this for about 20 times the computer thought that i had forgotten the pass word and asked me to enter a new one and in the box below to confirm it, I left the two boxes clear clicked on enter and now the computer is pass word free, This has worked on two different makes, So if you get a computer that is pass word protected give it a go but don't give in to soon, I only found this out by loosing my rag with the first one.

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    Re: Kill that pass word.

    this only works with windows 2000 when you log on as user only it won't work for admin accounts.

    thx for the info.

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    Unhappy Re: Kill that pass word.

    it's not Okey whenever i've tried it

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    Re: Kill that pass word.

    what's the point having admin password if you can hack it that easy man??

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