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    Unhappy matrix to magic

    hi how do i change matrix back to magic ,
    put penta 120 on magic cam comes up with dreamboot what do i do now useing cas2.

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    Re: matrix to magic

    hi ,i bring this old post to the top again.
    magic cam was the forrunner omatrix reloaded adrevelution cams .
    you would not want to go back to magic,
    matrix reborn wasd a development of theses two cams.
    dragon is a further improvment on the matrix reborn.
    it has more memory than reborn ,which in turn has more memory than reloaded.
    that said reloaded can except the reborn file mrb402A, and is said to open the premiere channel on 19e .
    but not all of them.
    regards ...............

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    Re: matrix to magic

    salut çi c est posible je cherche un soft pour magicsat 2 ci +2 carte

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