I have just uploaded Samsung DSR9500_RVGOLD_V6.6 to my DSR9500EMVIA, with Semco Editor.

I now have vers 133, and have reset the EMU with remote.

After turning off receiver on standby (waiting for clock) then turning off receiver with back switch (clock shows), i then uploaded with Semco Editor new GOLD RAM-bin file, and 'connection established' message appeared..but then 'timeout' message appeared almost instantly.

My questions are:-

1. Does my receiver have to be in english language (i have changed to this now) for emu to work?

2a. Is a conax-based card in the cardreader necessary for emu to work (during or even after uploading of files)?

2b. If so, where can i find the file to make a goldcard into a blank conax-based card?

3. Are there any additional files (CAIDS etc or .DLL files) APART from the latest RAM-bin files that i need to upload with Semco Editor for emu to work?

Sorry for the questions, but this is my first time at trying emu out.

I'd really appreciate some help!
thx in advance!