SES Global that includes Astra & Sirius, the world’s second largest communications satellite operator, has made a bid to acquire Israel’s Space-Communication Ltd. (Spacecom), both SES and Spacecom have confirmed to news agencies that talks are taking place, Spacecom operates the Amos-1 and Amos-2...& the soon to be launched Amos-3 located at 4 west serving the Middle East,Eastern & Western Europe.
This may mean that Amos-1 due to be released from 4 west duties by Amos-3 will be available for cheap feeds such as those currently available by,Astra 1C at 5 east for SES has gone silent recently unlike the competition Eutelsat's Telecom 2D at 8 west & Intelsat 603 from 20 west that are very active for feeds currently.