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    latest ver for winclip 2.9.7

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    Re: winclip

    Winclip ver. 2.9.8

    - New schelduler window. previous one was ugly
    - Add possibility to record additional audio tracks in the same or other files
    - Add support H264/AVC under SS2 driver and streamreader. (Before only
    available under BDA DVBT and DVBS)
    - Add support too for H264/AVC for winclip in mode client.
    - disecq 1.2 SS1 (with DiseqcU plugin). Disecq 1.0 with SS1 still not work.
    - Possibility to select push source (universal or Marcel Majoor) : i have a issue
    on radios with the Marcel Majoor push source.By default, in auto-graph,
    universal will be used.
    - for neotion, add option "enable or disable info epg" -> for limit the stream
    - Fix detection H264/AVC codec in menu setting
    - Fix crash on graph properties
    - Fix crash when Bda card is running and click on "detect BDA card" in menu
    - Fix crash when change pid audio and driver didn't initialise
    - Fix crash when exit winclip and a record is running
    - Fix a nice explosion of memory during scan when you scan 10->20 times the
    same transponder (and so a crash of the app)
    - Fix little issue when change audio pid on the not running channel
    - Fix scan problem when PMT > 188 bytes and the next packet is not the
    previous pid.
    - Fix bug when Add a task to schelduler at xxH58 or xxh59 for record
    - Add good english translation Thanks to Labe
    - Add Dutch language. Thanks to Labe
    - Add dvb-t belgium ini file. Thanks to Richard P.
    - Add dvb-t german (Regensburg) ini file. Thanks to Dada

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