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Thread: different chip version update problem

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    different chip version update problem

    hi guys
    i just cloned by dsr8005d to starsat 220ci...all went ok. now i wanted to update the soft to jan28 but i get the following error:

    version mismatch
    different chip version
    compile (1.42 1.74 26)
    boot(1013237142 26 2007/02/01 11:03:08)
    main(1043237174 26 2007/02/01 11:09:47)

    can someone advise what to do?


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    Re: different chip version update problem

    just to add:

    managed to upload sept 27 firm - all ok. still unable to update neither boot nor flash (sx-220 d new).

    my rec info
    main version 1.78
    boot version 1.43
    data version 26

    can anybody explain what this means?


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